Color your own Wapuutah, get a free WCSLC ticket!

Haven’t gotten your ticket to WordCamp SLC yet? Here’s a way you can get a free one.

We’re quite fond of Wapuutah and we know you guys are a creative bunch. So we’ve created these coloring pages so you can color your own Wapuutah just like when you were in Kindergarten! (Or, I suppose, if you have kids, you could let them color it. Or you could pretend your kids colored it and do it yourself, we won’t judge. Coloring is fun!) The coloring pages look like this:



Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, scan it or take a picture and post it to Twitter with the hashtags #wcslc and #wapuutah. We’ll pick a handful of our favorites and send you a coupon code for one free ticket. Make sure you’re following @wcslc, too, so we can send you a direct message letting you know that you won.

Wapuutah coloring pages will be available at WordCamp SLC, too, so you can have fun coloring them at WCSLC or take some home with you to share with other Wapuu-friendly family members!

Download the WordCamp SLC 2015 Wapuutah Coloring Page

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